Why Was Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub awarded the Gold Medal…

… in the 7th Annual Latino
Books-to-Movies Awards
In Sci-Fi / Fantasy?


Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub

A coming-of-age story of college-bound Miguel Reilly who takes a summer sabbatical in New Mexico that leads to his future intertwining with an Aztec legendary monster.

It is a classic New Adult tale of a middle-class American with tenuous ties to his Irish-American roots who finds kinship in the worlds of the Chicano, Mexican, and Native American peoples. Where young and older women play pivotal roles in his mission.

Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub is an epic high-adventure of the outrageous bon vivant shaman Tomás who trains apprentice Miguel to defeat the ancient dragon-like nemesis of the Aztecs. A cross-genre YA novel steeped in lives, cultures, environment, and history that few mainstream readers know of or ever entered. A real-world narrative where the background conflict of English/Spanish language worlds mirrors Miguel's search for what his heritage really is and means about his destiny.

Published by Somos en Escrito Literary Press
Release Date: July, 2021


An epic journey of discovery,

transformation and destiny will keep readers at the edge of their seats and gasping at every new twist.

-David Bowles, award-winning author of Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico

A tantalizing style of Chicano sci-fi-mythology,

challenging the rites of passage in masculinity, the american dream, and ancestral healing. An echoing voice from the past with a new style of the present, provocatively transforming and retelling U.S. history.

- Sarah Rafael García, author of SanTana's Fairy Tales & founder of LibroMobile

Powerfully evocative, lyrically descriptive,

rollicking, rolling, smart yet down-to-earth, authentic and as unpretentious as anything of beauty could be. The characters are unforgettable, diverse, with iconoclastic heroes and everyone else smashing stereotypes.

- Thelma T. Reyna, author of Dearest Papa: A Memoir in Poems

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