When Flora & Fauna Muse Me #2

In just a few seconds, What I’ve worked on for 2+ yrs. might happen. Finally! Hardest thing will be figuring out how to do a video so you’ll believe I really accomplished it. Video without scaring off Bandito, as I call him.

A mountain chickadee is about to eat peanuts out of my hand.

Although my caring for and communing with birds started before stay-homes and lock-downs, it has added enjoyment to more time being spent at home .

And, animal life, and plants, are integral to almost every story I’ve written and some that I haven’t yet. It’s not just cute content to add to a tale, it’s part of the reward of writing–sharing how great our natural environment is to our well-being and joy. Not trekking through Utah, writing the details of the wonders we can find in our backyards.

I won’t give you 2+ yrs. worth of details, just some of the highlights. I started with setting out some–oh, fk, fergetabout! I can’t stand not showing you the vid. I’ll fill in details later. Ta-da!

An epic journey of discovery,

transformation and destiny will keep readers at the edge of their seats and gasping at every new twist.

-David Bowles, award-winning author of Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico

A tantalizing style of Chicano sci-fi-mythology,

challenging the rites of passage in masculinity, the american dream, and ancestral healing. An echoing voice from the past with a new style of the present, provocatively transforming and retelling U.S. history.

- Sarah Rafael García, author of SanTana's Fairy Tales & founder of LibroMobile

Powerfully evocative, lyrically descriptive,

rollicking, rolling, smart yet down-to-earth, authentic and as unpretentious as anything of beauty could be. The characters are unforgettable, diverse, with iconoclastic heroes and everyone else smashing stereotypes.

- Thelma T. Reyna, author of Dearest Papa: A Memoir in Poems