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The following are a series excerpts from interviews with R. Ch. Garcia and book reviews by well-known literary bloggers and reviewers. We hope you enjoy them. Interview

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Latinotopia Interview

Interview by Jesús Treviño on discussing Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub.

Interview at Latino Book Chat

Latino Book Chat presents interviews with Latino authors and illustrators about their recent works, and conversations with experts in Latino literature.

Book Review by chellesbookramblings

"It’s such a wonderful feeling when you come across a book that hits the right points when it comes to diversity and representation… and not only that but with a good story to boot.. Let me just gush a little about it but without spoiling it too much — you know how I feel about experiencing a book without preconcived notions.. Let’s jump right in.

We have another 5 star read..."

Book Review by
Michael Sedano on LaBloga

“That’s the beast, the dragón, animating Rudy Ch. Garcia’s monster thriller and tongue-twister, Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub. June is when publisher Somos en escrito Literary Foundation Press (link) unleashes the horror thriller for eager readers.

There’s lots of reasons to be eager, I’ll focus on three: Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub is a rare Chicanocentric fantasy novel. Death Song does some teaching. Chickxulub brings lots of fun...”

Book Review by
Sci-Fi maestro Ernest Hogan

“Warning: R. Ch. Garcia is a cohort of mine and responsible for my getting involved in La Bloga, so I may not be completely objective in discussing his major achievement in speculative fiction, Death Song of the Dragón Chicxulub..."



An epic journey of discovery,

transformation and destiny will keep readers at the edge of their seats and gasping at every new twist.

-David Bowles, award-winning author of Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico

A tantalizing style of Chicano sci-fi-mythology,

challenging the rites of passage in masculinity, the american dream, and ancestral healing. An echoing voice from the past with a new style of the present, provocatively transforming and retelling U.S. history.

- Sarah Rafael García, author of SanTana's Fairy Tales & founder of LibroMobile

Powerfully evocative, lyrically descriptive,

rollicking, rolling, smart yet down-to-earth, authentic and as unpretentious as anything of beauty could be. The characters are unforgettable, diverse, with iconoclastic heroes and everyone else smashing stereotypes.

- Thelma T. Reyna, author of Dearest Papa: A Memoir in Poems